Grant II’s Land At Neuner Funk


The first 8 happy customers will soon be receiving there radios from Markus @neuner_de. He has just tweeted that they have landed and sure this makes his day busier also as soon the DHL man comes.

If you want to order a radio or see what Markus has in stock then check him out at

Seems now slowly but surely they are landing around the EU. I believe Markus is now currently already sold out so please check with him about the waiting time for the new Grant II

And for the 103 people that messaged me about the Lincoln II maybe we have more news in a week or so. PLEASE WAIT

13 thoughts on “Grant II’s Land At Neuner Funk

  1. Asking already to turn the FM up????

    Funniest thing I have read in ages.

    Simon, where is the flux capacitor, the one for time travel?


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