President ML-145


During my times around on the highways of Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic as a CB’er you notice antennas on cars. Whether for CB or otherwise. And sure if you have ever been on the roads mentioned here then you cannot help by notice on car (a lot of Polish cars and trucks) The Number 1 CB President sticker and sure as hell as President antenna in the breeze on the car. Poland is sure President country. Have no illusions there.

So I have now the Virginia antenna here, the Liberty Mike which I intend to try out in the car with the Grant. I would like President to make a mike adapter so liberty could be used on my Thomas but seems nothing on the cards there. And now, the ML145 magnetic antenna is something to try when the weather finally decides to be above 0c.

180 channel Bandwidth
600w PEP Power Handling
150cm Long
Magnetic Mounted
5/8 Wave

So we will have a look and see how she works. I have used the Sirio ML145 for years and always it has worked well. Actually worked ZD9 and ZD8 with one of those and a Lincoln with 200 watts but that’s another band and another story. Antenna looks well made as anything President does.

You Tube and simonthewizard will have it there sooner rather than later, just needs a little warmer weather to go and stand outside playing silly buggers with the SWR if needed.

3 thoughts on “President ML-145

  1. Lots of Polish cars on the A30 here. The A30 goes East West so its like a throughfare to the West. Pretty much most of the Polish cars have the President Sticker on the back and all have 11m Ae’s on. Chatter gets very busy here at times.


  2. Its my favorite “hobbie” while on the road. To guess make and model of CB antennas on trucks or 4×4. Other then those types of vehicles, not many others have then installed here in Portugal. I have a Midland ML-145, but Sirtel Super Santiago 1200 is the king around here.



    • Same as me on the road it passes time really. On the motorways here in Hungary I would say President king of the road especially with Polish & Romanian cars. In Czech Republic lots of Sirio antennas seen. Trucks Sirtel, Sirio & Storm Antennas. Don’t see many Wilson or K40 these days. Just more than ever: President, Sirio, Storm

      Read you soon, wish you nice weekend

      Simon 73


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