President Lincoln II Update Updated


So guys as the information now has been digested and indeed more information is coming to the blog I would like to share ALL the latest news from 15.45 today. As before, PLEASE READ IT WELL before reacting to things.

a) NOT ALL THE LINCOLN II have issues. Videos and reports are online and well documented. Some have an issue or 2, some have nothing. So if your radio does not have anything then please don’t do anything other than enjoy the radio.

b) ALLOW TIME BEFORE BOMBARDING YOUR DEALER. This was mentioned yesterday and also today. News is very new and takes time to be seen in the various countries where the radio is sold. Remember this information as it is also important.

Already people have contacted me and are happy with the radio. SO DO NOT REACT carry on using it. Indeed seems many have no issues. As before this is not my words or indeed President words you can see on the you tube. It is open for all to see.

Keep looking back and when and if am given information from anyone I will post it here. Since yesterday emails have come from Poland, UK, Germany and Denmark telling me all is well with the radio and nothing is bad. So, as before read all the information, send no radio anywhere until YOU SPEAK TO THE SELLER OF THE RADIO…

** Thanks to the dealers who mailed me to point these things out **

2 thoughts on “President Lincoln II Update Updated

    • Thanks for the info, they are a top notch dealer so will sure know what is happening. I just know some have issues and via the emails some have not and that’s why was needed to clarify the situation. Videos show it online. IF you have anymore news please let us know as sure many a radio has been sold by KCB..


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