President Grant II White Noise and V4 Lincoln II

Thanks to the multiple people who sent me the link to this video and also it in some ways I hope dispels a rumour or something that has been floating around. Let us start with the Lincoln II v4 myth. The Lincoln II v3 is the last version, cosmetic changes such as paint have been changed but there is no V4 and will not be any V4. That is old news, revisited at least 10 times a week by people emailing me.  The second one will also never go away. Emails with such sentences as “Simon, I’ve bought a shit Grant II as gets white noise” and no matter how I reply, show them videos that prove it is location based they don’t believe me.


So for the last time I mention it, then emails that are received will be deleted as cannot keep flogging the same horse all the time. It does appear that location and antenna makes a difference with the Grant II and Lincoln II. In the car there is zero and that is S0 noise for me on both radios, and at home S3 on the Lincoln II v3 and S2-4 on the Grant II. It is in the way it works, there is no broken one, no Friday PM one, it is in the DNA of the radio.

EXAMPLE: Check Jackson II videos on you tube. All have almost the same noise level, the s meter sits around S3 and this is the same almost as the Grant II which is UNIDEN and the Lincoln II which is QIXIANG

Above video is 315LR1 and shows he also has the noise level that many of us are having. So not unique to 1 man in 1 country at one time. All radios seem to have almost the same noise level. This with no NB switched on also.

So if you have a Grant II almost certainly you will have white noise.

Do you have a V3 Lincoln II then you have the latest version, the “v4 will have PC Programming” not true as there is not a v4. The v4 will “have 12m-10m like the Stryker” also not true and correct. The v3 is the last one you will get.

Paint change was confirmed via 1 EU Reseller and 1 in Asia Region

And the last quote from today: “I am waiting for the v4 Lincoln II as Uniden is making it” I asked where the news was from and was told “Everybody knows it, isn’t it obvious?”

And the answer is NO IT IS NOT OBVIOUS AND IS BS

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  1. Maybe people think that the G2 picks up more noise due to the way the signal meter is set out. S3 is nearly half way across the scale. Having said that mine definitely did suffer from the “Mystery mike keyer” on SSB, where the meter would occasionally flick over the display at random intervals for no apparent reason. Never has that on any of my other radios.


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