GWCOM Huracan 120w

Yeticomnz who released via there maker GW the Optimas and Huracan maybe will have something else up there sleeve if the website below of GoodWill Telecom can be believed and thanks for this to Loic so we add it here as many read the blog and sure will have the news and information either yes or no.


Photo looks like the old one, but read the specs and 120w AM/FM/SSB along with 10/11/12m which is enough to get the mind thinking and the heart pounding should it be reliable. More resellers and makers should go down the tri-band route and not the simple 25.6 and upwards.  Not much news from Mr YeticomNZ but he is a clever guy along with Mike the New Zealand Radio Guru. Is the information current I think maybe not, but don’t know for sure.

Note the radio has the Icom 8 pin mike socket, so must be a new version or mock up of new version.

Check the link, then sit back, chill and wait. But maybe we need wait for some time..

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