Motorola SMP 908 UHF Radio

Albeit not so new I guess but now seems to be shipping in larger quantity is the Motorola SMP 908 which I guess if you look at it seems the same as some Alinco, Anytone and others from Qixiang radios. And who is the maker of this one? Guess we know it. And most importantly it has the 6.25KHz step.


Priced around £144 so in the same ball park as many others it has 200 channel programmability, 440-512Mhz frequency range in this version the “U12” but there is indeed also available a VHF version. Power comes in at 40w, 25w and low power of 10w so good enough for making those calls.

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  1. insider tell me that ofcom are monitoring high power use of 446 pmr in the uk,,,but i wonder how long will it be before the EU wake up and se that there is a demand for a uhf cb band around this freq,,,it would be very popular even if the power was limited to 10w base and mobile….maybe its time to lobby our MSP,s and let our voices be heard.


    • You have a rep for CB too M0OGY David is the man to petition about it as member of ECBF. Been testing ad hoc here Aussie UHF channels and simple hand held works excellently indeed. UHF CB needs be next step forward or is like to think so..


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