Astatic D104 Minuteman Electret Upgrade

It seems like always with radios the microphones come under a lot of scrutiny. Is it better to use Astatic, Sadelta, Turner, Densei, Ham International and others. Now add to this a way to replace the ceramic element in your hand held minuteman and replace it with an easy install electret element. Below are the details.


The maker of the modification is W2ENY and I fitted the conversion previously to the MH31 hand mike from Yaesu and so had no reserves about doing the same with this mike


Fitted easily and now the mike has indeed some punch to the audio, good and strong and not just bass. If you want to have a look at his shop then use ebay and this item number: 351072109263

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  1. The MH-31 is a dynamic mic and not a brilliant one at that, available on the some of the entry level rigs like 450d, 857d and 897d. Replacing the element with an electret is a no brainer and the old mic they used to bundle with these radios was the MH-67 which was condensor and a decent mic.

    I’m not so sure that replacing a ceramic element with an electret element will have the same improvement.


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