A look inside 琪祥 (Qixiang Science & Technology)

Everybody these days wants to know about where things are made. In the past on the blog we have looked inside Sirio Antennas, RM Amplifiers. I’d emailed also Uniden & Midland see if was possible any photos but there was never any reply.


The photos here are the worldwide copyright of (C) Qixiang and are sent here with the kindness of the owners so you can see what it is like there, production, warehouse, SMT and building. So this gives you an idea of the situation there.


Above you see two assembly areas


Above are two areas of the warehouse


Above is the full building and the factory gate. The place where F.O.B. stuff people think is pushed outside the gate and left. Which in life does not happen at all


And finally above the SMT area.

Companies especially radio ones are not so keen to send out pictures so I class myself as very fortunate to be able to show you around the factory.


The jugs are very important, on one is an Eagle which signifies “work hard and you can reach the top” and the second jug shows a ship in the sea which means “things go smoothly when reach the right wind”



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