President Grant II & Noise *Updated*

So, got to be careful how I word this as not want to cause another war with President. But as a blog, as the owner of radios I get asked questions, told stories and in some cases try and see if there is anything true in what am told or simple haters with nothing better to do, so read careful and comment if you have experienced the same.

I’ve run various Grant II since the start of sales and still till today run one, with a Konektor5000 mike. This weekend was one time again I tried the radio out and have formed these conclusions, although not scientific, need to be taken as is, nothing more than taking antennas up, and taking them down, and up and down. This is home based and not in the car, this will come next time or when I have some time.

Many have commented on blogs in the UK, Germany and other places that the radio seems to attract noise and in some cases has what is classed as a invisible mike keyer. The s-meter moves up to around a S9 or more for the briefest of time and then drops. And the radio seems to have a higher than expected threshold of noise.

In my case, I have tested the radio with a Antron99 (old one from late 80’s) the Himalaya, Venom 5/8 and a Venom 1/2 antenna. Tested one after the other, not at the same time so sure things can change, but after the other and within a matter of minutes.

With the fibreglass antennas my noise level was from S3-S5 on FM, S4 on AM and on SSB the level was sporadic from S3 to S6 and sometimes with more than this. On the metal antenna, this was tested this weekend and will be again with video chronology of it the s-meter on SSB was below S1 and on AM S2 and on FM S2/3

The above photo was posted on my Twitter and shows the s-meter indeed under S1 on SSB. In fact I spoke with an island activation where the signal was S1 and could make it out, where as in the past the s-meter was higher. I remember an engineer from Germany told me many years back he had the same from a Jackson II and when switched to metal antenna the noise dropped.

So, if you have time please have a try with a Grant II on a metal antenna and let me know if it is smoke and mirrors or did your noise level drop like mine did. I watched a video from M0OGY from his pimple and also his radio showed no noise level too (yes was sat in the countryside) 


Yes conditions could have changed during antenna swaps. AirCon units could have been switched on/off

PC Chargers and any other cheap quality stuff could have been turned off also during the swap over time.

Antennas were on same location installed, same Rocket Radio Coax RG58

Both were attached to scaffold pipe.

It’s just for interest I ask. I don’t know anyone running the radio here local to me who I can ask, so I ask here the 40,000 plus who’ve read the blog so far in 2015 have you tried it, or is it just my radio that seems different. It’s the V1.0 version, the one without the SSB or AM in legal mode for the UK.

But also needs be added I’ve worked many places with the Grant II under different conditions and with the other antennas. Infact during 2014 worked 70 countries with just the Himalaya and 30w, so am happy how it is and how it works. This is just a consultation to see what others have experienced.


First let me thank you for your website, it is very informative. It is well know that fiberglass antenna’s tend to get electrically charged in certain weather conditions. I had a look at the old Grant and compared the antenna input with the new Grant 2. The old Grand has a 10K resister shunted tot ground directly at the antenna input. This mostly takes care of any static problems. The new Grant 2 has a SWR bridge at the antenna input, I suspect the diodes in that bridge could cause your described problem. It is only after this SWR bridge a parallel resonance coil/capacitor with a resister to ground follow. 

Thank you most sincerely for writing to me Mr H. It’s very kind of you.

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3 thoughts on “President Grant II & Noise *Updated*

  1. It could be location, but I think there is more to it than that. Maybe the radio picks up noises that other radios don’t? It is as if the receiver is too sensitive,


  2. I ran my Grant 2 on a metal antenna (sirio GPE27 5/8) and suffered huge amounts of noise compared to my other radios. About S3-4 on AM/FM and about the same on SSB. My one also suffered from the “mystery Mike keyer”. One of the stations I speak to regularly was hitting me S5 on the Grant 2 and was barely above the noise level. On my Superstar 360FM he was well clear of the noise and his transmission sounded cleaner in comparison.


    • Thanks Simon for the message. So sure it must be location then I suppose? I was quite surprised as really the amount of noise lowered on the Venom. I’ve a antenna like you told so maybe I need try that and see what happens. Mystery Mike keying I have this too. So with this excellent information I will try and find my Sirio and have a go with that.
      I live near the airport and shopping centre and with the fibreglass the noise was high, and metal it was almost halved. So I don’t know and need try more options I guess. Did you fix it? The noise level in the end?


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