TRXBench Tests CRT Mike & Cobra 75ST-EU. 

Something different again for you now. The YouTube channel TRXBench uploaded a video on the CRT Mike/Cobra 75-STEU. Put the radios through there paces and below is a link to show where the video is. The CRT Mike is based on the Anytone Apollo2 chassis and is now in revision 2.5 but where can you find CRT 2.5 Version.

As many of us know already this is one cracking radio for under €100 and should be on many peoples shopping list for small car installation. Downside? No SSB but I’ve heard from one reseller just today the following statement

No reason why SSB in small format cannot come! End user cost hmm around €200″

So, guess the gauntlet is thrown. But who will have it or make it first?

But can it be that they are not CE approved in Germany under the test results here? Or! Has it been solved now in the new shipment of these radios?

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  1. yes can not agree more the best mobile radio in its class a great audio and I have one and if they bring one with ssb yes I will be buying one as that would make it the complete set up for the car


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