2KW Amplifier £1499 Plus Shipping

Want to invest in a new 2kw amplifier and don’t mind paying taxes and import duties then we have the one for you. 1 year tube guarantee and 2 years for the rest of it. So below we have more details of the amplifier


This amp is delivered via FedEx, DHL or another so prepare to pay duties and taxes when importing it into the EU

Ebay Number: 272040899564



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  1. You’d have to be crazy to buy one. I but a fair amount of Chinese stuff, three radios and two handhelds in the last year.
    But they are notoriously difficult and providing any back up, support or warranty and rely on the fact that it will cost you the earth to send it back to China and you may never see it again.

    I had one radio from ebay, it went wrong after two months, outside ebay’s 45 day limit. He was telling me to take it to a dealer and get him to show me how to operate it, I am a licensed amateur, I know how to operate a simple 2m/70cm radio and when it is faulty. We had several emails and then all communication stopped. I don’t think he realised that Paypal give you 180 days, he replied instantly to Paypal that I should have communicated the problem to him, it was exactly the same person who had begun ignoring my emails. I was meant to send the unit back, but just sent the broken mic. Delivery was refused, but Paypal were happy that I had sent it and they refunded me.

    I bought a Chinese HF set from Wimo earlier this year (Xiegu X108) after six weeks the VFO died. I had to pay £25 to get it back to Wimo and then it went to China, and nearly six months later I got a replacement, which I sold straight on. But even that one had problems, the new owner had to open it up and fix a solder joint.

    If I’m going to pay £2K for an amp, £1,500 plus shipping plus 20% VAT and Duty if they don’t put the right customs code (I know there is no Duty on amateur radio stuff from America, but not sure about China), I want local support and the possibility of taking them to court if they don’t rectify the problem.

    Also the valves or tubes as the Americans would call them, Chinese FU728F ceramic tetrodes, not the best quality and not widely available. You’re a brave lad if you buy one of these to save a few pennies.


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