Magnum1 Initial Price Released

So after a few emails to the East and the West the initial price of the radio has been found out. Delivery time at the moment is being quoted as mid to late December

So the price quoted so far is $289.95 (€273 / £193) that’s using the exchange rate based on today’s rate and of course for those of us outside the USA we have to add postage, duties and taxes to the end price so indeed not anything cheap on the air.

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2 thoughts on “Magnum1 Initial Price Released

  1. So, with shipping, 20% VAT and Duty, we are looking at £250 for a Maxlog 8800 MKII? And what are we paying for that is so much better than say a Radiozing AT6666 for £130 delivered? It seems Anyclone price their radios correctly, until President put the badge on them and Goodwill Telecom are suffering from the same dementia.

    Sorry, but the days of the punter buying over priced tat are gone, I pity the dealer that takes this on and stocks it.

    Why doesn’t someone go, look President Lincoln I was a good radio, let’s add DSP and up the finals a bit, whilst keeping the quality and then we can justify the £200+ price tag. All these companies deserve to go bankrupt.


    • EU:

      Stryker 955
      Optima III

      All a lot of cash, all had or have errors. Not worth the price. Just heard the other day about an Optima came Mike unwrapped, radio not packed in plastic etc. And looking used or fixed. Don’t know as didn’t see it but seems an awful lot of cash for these radios all in all


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