Midland GB1 First Look Inside

So the company who makes this has history with these radios. As you see the radio is clean, looking good, appears well made, sturdy and super small with the size being only 110x85x22mm and its a light really as a feather.

This is not cheap, almost 160 euro of plaything but it works well. I can only go on my initial thoughts at the moment with the 1/4 antenna sat on the metal of my desk and it is picking up stuff loud and clear from the shopping park some 1 or 1.5km away and not any single issue at all with that.

Sound is top class but needs the full manual and the PC software to really make it work how we all would like it to work.

High Power can be found on F5 which is set at LO and cannot be changed to high unless the export version is the one you have. How to enable it? Guess has to be only software but I’m not sure and don’t know at all now.

The incoming receive is strong, signal meter works well and select squelch 2 and almost all voices are allowed in. Was set 5 on opening the box, I think many will like this. It’s small but has great working initial experience, more comes over next days and weeks with this.

Export is : 440 – 451 MHz

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  1. I guess the heat could be a problem if you had the export (full power) version.. when limited to 500mW I do not think it should be a concern, in the UK daytime temperatures.


  2. You might want to mention it has a dutycycle of 5%-5%-90% on tx-rx-standby over 1 hour, meaning you can transmit for 3 minutes , listen to it for 3 minutes and then have to let it cool down for 54 minutes.
    Thats what it says on the label on the back of the device if i look at the video, looks to me like an important parameter if you are planning to actually use this in real world


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