Midland GB1 First Look *Updated With English Manual*

Less than 4 days from the official release and before the full manual is even online at Midland here is an exclusive look at the new PMR Mobile radio based on the Nanfone 708. Videos are after the initial page release


The radio comes with an RJ45 mike socket so you can change the mikes for an echo mike or a roger bleep mike if you so wish and the programming of the radio comes via the mike socket too. There are a few what appear jumpers inside but nothing played with as think all the goodies will come from the PC Programming of the radio. Software is not yet available.


Receive is excellent, well over 1km from sat inside a house with an antenna sat on a metal writing place. Loud bleep when buttons pressed and need the manual to resolve it as bloody annoying. This radio will sell by the lorry load but needs the full manual http://www.midlandeurope.com

Export Mode Is: 440-451Mhz and 5w.

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  1. Nice one, Simon! looks very nice radio indeed.
    Very excited to do my first test with this one!
    Preordered the GB1 incl sw & cable this morning with Ronald


    • Make a video Bert am happy to show it here. Audio is strong, detachable Mike. Download the manual from blog it will help kill the bleep sound. Squelch 2 I can hear 2/3km and open can hear what I believe is 7km and with antenna on the metal place where my keyboard sits. It’s a great small radio and for me who goes to mountains of CZ it’s great to have antenna on car. Old days was a Motorola T6222 with BNC.

      Well Done CTE Midland


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