President Grant III (A Readers Idea Of A Radio)


Thanks to hulahooper for the contact and his ideal new version of the President Grant. Nice to see the added DSP and dual display. Looks like a little Icom, am sure Uniden would be pleased to see this one leave the factory as guess the cost would be high? Please use the comments and let me know the specification and the area it is priced? Is this the €300 unit.

Looks a real nice concept radio. I guess in President and Uniden would cause a stir to see this. Thanks for sharing it with us and am not sure how many would like it? Personally, I like the idea. Seems good looking.


As you know both companies look at the blog so wonder what they think of it?

Fantasy, Not Real, Render, Illusion, Dream, Not Manufactured, The senders idea of how a Grant III could be…..

If this was a real President? Expect €400-€700 as development costs would be into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bear this in mind when telling me “Where can I buy it”

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