Anything New? The Round-Up January 2016

As it’s almost the end of the first month of January then we will have a look at what’s coming soon, what has arrived and can we expect anything special on the scene in the next few weeks or months? The below is made up of course of hearsay and cannot be confirmed via multiple sources, so take it at face level some of it. And some of it is based on solid fact.

President USA:  Nothing on the market yet, but the head office is still being built. I read that they are “playing it safe” with the Johnny III USA and Johnson II USA. In some way yes, but it is an AM country and the radios are new inside to accommodate weather channels and talk back. Solid I’d say more than brave. We await the first units and first news soon. CES there was a showing of the products so sure they come to market February / March I guess.

New Product: There is a new AM/FM radio coming soon, expect it to be shown here ASAP. The information so far and photos and initial specification it’s a beauty. I’m one of the few to get it soon and it’ll be dissected here and used to the maximum on air. Thanks to those who trust me. Nice to hear the news as always. Lots of new features and ideas on the inside with this radio. Great that someone took the step to make this. Now the search for resellers begins I guess.

Midland: Neither of the new Midlands have shown up so far, but there is still time and we must remember also that China closes for New Year soon so we cannot expect all things so quickly in 2016 I guess

New SSB: Nothing interesting on the horizon. Albrecht, President, Intek, Qixiang, Uniden, K-PO, Aquario, MAXLOG and others nothing on the horizon at the moment. MAXLOG now delivered the Magnum1 so that’s off the list of new ones. We have to wait, wait and guess wait a little longer.

Not so much happening really. Prices increase in Asia now too so factories are not so wiling to invest in all brand new kit. Easier and wiser make an update to an old frame and add a new front.

Time to take up another hobby I guess as radio is really quite closed with conditions and also new equipment.

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