500 watt Magnum1

The incredibly popular tri-band Magnum1 that covers 12-10m seems to be next on the list for those who need a little more power. The idea is to fit the bottom from the Ranger RCI-69FFB4 which at a whopping $574 consists of 4x2SC2879 pills which can drive the radio to 500 watts as mentioned before. I’m not sure which mode? Maybe AM/SSB but not known 100%

There is insane and there is really insane. Incredibly priced but can see that some competition operators will have a go at it. Already in Germany there is the Naya edition of the Magnum1 with better noise blanking, better and non erratic signal meter behaviour and almost 100w SSB. Maybe we’ll have a video here soon of some of the modifications. They also include talkback replaced with 1-6.3Khz audio on FM.

Back end of the 69FFB4 below:



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4 thoughts on “500 watt Magnum1

  1. I’m interested in the Magnum1 without the amp. I’m disabled and low income. Can you donate one to me?


    • I’m in Europe and you in Kansas so it would cost you all import duties and taxes. Plus like you I am a user, not a store so just have one Magnum1 radio and it’s in use here.


  2. I received this email from Magnum Radios just over a month ago, I think it might be interesting to your followers,

    We are working with Maxlog on several new radios. We do plan on a lower priced am/fm radio at 40 watts and 90 watts, maybe 150 watt would be good. I’ll let you know about any new items.
    Here is a review of the Magnum1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4bp5LSSnWo
    This is a new version of the 8800 Maxlog radio. Great feedback on the SSB stability with TCXO and RX performance.

    Scott from the land Down under.


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