Scientex SR-01 8 Channel CB Radio

Thank you very much to Loic from FB Radio for sending me the information about this 500mw Japanese frequency CB radio. Runs off batteries and the rest is really self explained. They call this a defence solution so quite interesting and guess is used when there isn’t any power or after earthquakes. Below is the information about this citizens band radio.

And for more information and more photos are below:


And of course here is the link for more information:

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4 thoughts on “Scientex SR-01 8 Channel CB Radio

  1. Not if a current handheld is not legal in your country. This thing most likely isn’t made for export, and the 11 meter band usage is quite restricted in Japan.
    I just think it is funny who people gravitate toward the 500 milliwatts power.

    It is for emergency use, not talking skip with Bubba and the Boys on Channel 28… “Hell, better throw a 4 pill behind her fer some fire in da wire…”

    It is an interesting little set, looks well built. 6 AA batteries at 500mW output levels. I wonder how long the batteries last?

    Like Mark (26TM037) said: for some strange reason.. I want one.


  2. 26.968 MHz , 26.976 MHz , 27.040 MHz , 27.080 MHz
    27.088 MHz , 27.112 MHz , 27.120 MHz , 27.144 MHz are the operating frequencies…..don’t know why but I want one πŸ™‚ or two even


  3. 19 a roger? Feel the power bristle, all 500 milli Watt, best stick the attenuator on, as I don’t want to bleed over the other channels with my massive twig. Just need a power mic and it’s contest time.

    I can understand people feeling the need for something like that, but this is totally over engineered for standby emergency use. It is going to cost the earth. Are they going to put a fresh set of batteries in it every six months. Range will be limited to perhaps a village length, you would be quicker to run and knock on their door, plus you will only be able to talk to other people that have bought battery powered radios and kept fresh batteries at home.

    Far more practical to buy a current handheld.


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