CRT 2000 €129 July 2016

So I read now online the CRT 2000 which will be a version of the Anytone Apollo II will now come in July 2016. It’s my understanding that the radios will be made during end of May and June and then will be shipped to the dealers so will come into shops around mid July.

This radio seems to be in many eyes of dealers the game changer. If the rumours are true then this will be a 12v version which allows if you live outside of EU a non regulated version with 8w maximum power, but under CE laws all legal versions will be supplied with 4watts.

I’ve still the prototype and it’s a kick ass radio and works well except for a few small issues which I’ve transmitted back. So when it comes it should really be ready for action. If you want to run another microphone then you’ll need the same Mike adapter as with the AT5555N with RJ45 one end, it’s working super well indeed.

* Price was found online and not directly from CRT France

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7 thoughts on “CRT 2000 €129 July 2016

  1. Hello

    Are the delivery dates still on track? And any info of this radio coming to North America?

    Thanks much
    James K
    Western Canada


  2. Yep looks a good one Simon,I just hope they have addressed the FM transmit audio with true audio clipping to give it that punch that some of these new radios lack.
    Looks a nice solid bit of kit to me.


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