Iraq On A Grant II Premium “Low Noise”

Weather was nice, no wind and 26c so install the Polish made 161AT080 Bambi <> antenna against the fence post and point towards the south and an English accent came through the speaker and it was Pete in the mobile 50km south of Basra in Iraq, so a nice surprise indeed.

So as we can see from the map somewhere I guess around the borders of Kuwait maybe?

And of course the antenna, not a great photo but you get the idea I guess

Only summertime and still weather is best for this one. It’s done me proud the last 5 years with Fiji and Papua New Guinea the best ones with it tied to a fence in Munich. As you hear Pete was running Military / Security Codan radio, antenna tuner, vertical and 50w and from my side was the “low noise” Grant II Premium, Sadelta MB-4 because Sadelta and President work, 50 watts end the <> Bambi antenna.

Above is what I believe Pete was using, Codan NGT-SR Expandable.

TX: 1.6-30Mhz

RX: 0.25-30Mhz

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  1. yes I am interested in the antenna and been looking at that radio but no prices but I would think lots of £££££s and thank you for the details Simon.


    • I think back then was about €120 delivered insured and fast delivery. Could be €5/€10 higher or lower but was sure around this price Stephen


  2. like the antenna and a very good radio must try and see were I can get or help to make it for my self thank you Simon for the great video and picture of the antenna and I think that radio would be to expensive for me but……


    • Look under the article I’ve just added 2 photos and some dimensions. Mine was made in Poland, I can send you his email anytime. Mine has been used since 2011 and was made in winter.

      Video link below, it’s my antenna he builds:


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