Oscar Sierra DX Day?

Conditions are a surprise when you can hear most of Poland talking to Spain, UK, Germany and hear both sides of the conversation. That’s the strange part! I sit direct line maybe around 580km (362 miles) but the conditions allowed great contacts to Walbrzych (418km/259 miles) and to Ostrow Wielkpolski (472km/294 miles) so super short skip conditions.

But today the big part of it for me was the group Oscar Sierra as heard so many stations calling with the OS call. There were stations all across the EU using the call. Hearing London talking to Poland, to Spain and hearing all sides of the conversation makes really a nice change of affairs. And another sign of the times are the stations many are using. It appears now many run HF and just occasionally you hear a Lincoln 1 or a Jackson where “in the old days” every other SSB radio was a President, Pearce Simpson Super Cheetah or indeed Galaxy Pluto or other. But most of all its superb to hear the band rocking so much with radio friends in Poland. CB is massive in Poland, great enthusiasm and if the conditions which allowed my contacts it shows even more how busy SSB Poland is.

Also today the sounds of Roger bleeps was startling. Many of the President new series but also lots of Qixiang sounding space invader bleeps, dual tones, alien zapper sounds, echos and multi tones heard. Although the conditions were short lived it’s superb to hear so much action. Reminds me of the times 80’s onwards when the Echo Echo DX Group started. Let’s hope before this cycle ends we get some more great conditions to speak with Polish friends old and new.

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    • Czesc Sebastian. Thanks for writing and actually today I watched a video of yours with the Optima. I like watching all these, as a user of 25/26Mhz since around 1984 I love how the band performs. Anytime please feel free to write about how your experiences are from USA to get Poland on the air.

      Now I’ll go watch a few more of your videos


    • No problem Simon. I am on vacation now. When I will be at home in next week I will send you message. Condition is excellent now for US and Canada on 11 meters. I spend a lot of time on air.
      Best regards from Long Beach Island NJ


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