КРУИЗ-98 29/50/144/430

Another interesting radio is this Quad Band which if all appears to be correct online when expanded it covers from 26-33Mhz, 47-54Mhz, 136-174Mhz and finally 400-480Mhz with 800 memories and 50w and 40w output power complete with usual CTCSS/DCS onboard

Interesting for those looking for something different other than Yaesu or Wouxen etc. I’m told it comes locked (country dependent) but is easy for modifications although I’ve no details about this.

Price: £195 / €255 based on current exchange rates

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7 thoughts on “КРУИЗ-98 29/50/144/430

    • Excellent news. I know you via LinkedIn and your skill etc in area of radios. If you want please feel free to write something or video it when it should arrive and blog is yours. I’ll add it here with pleasure.
      And I did check with dealer and it’s “new to me” he replied.
      All Good !!


    • Thank you for the comment. The dealer who supplied me the information told me was new. Maybe it’s new to them? I just published as was told. Thanks for writing, always good to read your educated comments


  1. wow looks like a nice allinone CB-Radio. You have Freenet, Freeband, CB and PMR in one Pack with a good Power. It’s good Radio for beginners………………. nice Price. And more of them will come soon 🙂


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