PNI Voxtel MR999 Pro

Maybe not the newest? But I’ve not seen it before I’ll add it to the blog. So if it’s old then so be it, still worth a look. Radio is all EU norms and also comes with RU for those that need it. Connectivity is via batteries or car kit and comes with 3.5mm and 2.5mm microphone connection on the side. Price of the package is €111 / £85 and is country dependent of course

The radio is available via PNI in Romania.

And the manual:

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  1. This is a bad fake of Alan 42 from “Luiton”. These radios were sold, but not successful in Russia. Low sensitivity of the receiver. Power less than 2 Watts. In the box do not have NiMh battery cover and do not have AC/DC charger.


    • Yep but then price rises, AE2990AFS I’ve one and it is junk. Not even Albrecht offered real solution after told them about it. Better it remains AM/FM and reliable rather than SSB and quality issues


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