SSB Contest 2016 Day 1 Saturday

Landed on the hill a little before the start at 16:00 and within a few minutes was moved on by the local town Police who’d received a call about a car with an antenna, and a foreign car at that! So location 1 was compromised and it was time to head to the second location which at 427m ASL / 1400ft was lower and blocked to the North and East mostly with trees

So restart two happened with the Jackson II, standard microphone, 12watts and the Sirio Performer 2000. Boy all 40 channels were dead quiet except for some Polish mobile stations on the road towards the border. Silence is golden for sure! After an hour or so a glimmer of hope as on channel 34 LSB Portugal was heard loudly but still no acknowledgment so as the time dragged on slowly as really the 40 channels were silent I called on 27.385 LSB as heard some voices there.


14AT150 Jerome 1,630km followed by 14AT016 Bruno with 1,394km

As these were outside of the HNDX contestant list you need divide the KM by 5km. So 1 point for every 5km spoken.

Total was 3,024km divide 5 so a total of 604.8 points. Distances checked locator to locator.

Not great, really silent channels. If it was the AM contest then it was buzzing with Polish operators. On FM heard 233 Romania, plus 315 Ukraine but conditions not great at all.

Now it’s Sunday, time for breakfast, time for heading back and guess listen to the silence…. Only time will tell.. But it’s great fun chasing the illusive contact that’s for sure. But in this area of the country, PMR446 is busier than CB. Base stations, bigger antennas using bigger radios to make contacts while CB remains pretty much silent..

Take a listen around 27.375 USB I’ll be out there calling

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    • Yesterday it was later ok. Today 9am was booming Italy and later it went quiet, replaced with Spain and now just east from here. Tomorrow I’m going to be active from near Poland border, but not much. Just continue testing A10 Stryker. Initial impression ultra low noise, good bandwidth and TX.


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