Chris “The Hulk” Texas 1800 Power Bandwidth & On Air

Actually heard Chris using this antenna on the Sunday net, think he had a Roger-Bleep active but not totally sure due to the QSB but sure he said Texas 1800 Power. Anyhow, should have recorded it I guess. This video below came from Iian who told me he has ordered one now or will order not totally sure in the email but below is a video of the bandwidth on Hulks Antenna.

“A couple of S Points higher than the Sirio 4000”
Seems to becoming a popular antenna amongst the SSB users, heard a few recently and it’s good people try them out as they are made well. If you want single whip then you need Colorado 1800 Power where the Texas 1800 Power is a two piece whip and looks a little more blingey than the plain black antenna. Would be nice if someone has the USA 1800 Power, and us some videos of them in action.

Well done Chris, and hope it was you I heard, was around 14.30 BST I guess. Think was a new call 26IF420 or similar? With a bleep at the end.

And coming soon we’ve an exclusive from Spain, the antenna maker and designers own video will be online….

Texas 1800 Power URL At Nevada:

Colorado 1800 Power URL At Nevada:

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One thought on “Chris “The Hulk” Texas 1800 Power Bandwidth & On Air

  1. but I can see its not a good match with analyser shows 30ohms and 45ohms. but then shows 50ohms but the freq is 28.000 well out of the cb freqs. I have seen these analysers before and it was on a a99 and at mid band uk 40 it was 50ohms now am I thick, but does your coax have to be 50ohms and to get the best out of your antenna so if your using a good 50ohms coax and the freq you need to tx on nearly 30+ohms that’s a miss match your antenna . now my sirio 4000hp has a great match with the analyser and is a better ohms on mids its 50ohms and uk40 50ohms so all the power is going out of the antenna and the swr on that antenna is awful but he is to points up on the sirio how can that be I will stick to my sirio and have a perfect match and a great swr and never cut a thing of out of the box


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