Superstar 3900 EU Part II “Digging Everywhere For The News”

So we know Dougie at Knights gets the EU next week (Thanks Mark DrAwesome) but I’m in a position where I just don’t know that it is new. I think it’s the same that are on eBay new and old some locked to EU some expanded. I think it’s same old just with EU added to it

I’ve asked in all the right places and seems the radio is same unit locked to EU like those before it locked to EU. It will not make 24-29mhz like many tell me, the clue is six band selector so will be 25.6-28.3 most likely. Ranger boarded it appears like those before.

Is it ROHS or CE approved? No definitive answer from Asia, only it’s got the sticker on it

Add on UKFM Board: Breaks CE conformity as would be imported as CEPT band 40 channel radio

Ranger Made? Ranger don’t have an ROHS line according to 2 dealers in USA so who knows really

Add to this other comments from other dealers, information from factories etc and I think it is the same 3900 as before, they’ve added EU makes it funky but internals are as before it appears.

Positive is that if comes in some quantity maybe the frequency counters come too as always are hard to find

As for now I think it isn’t as new or wow as people guess. But of course will sell in droves and then we’ll see if it’s a hit or another miss on the air.

Below is a photo of a Super Jopix 3900 which is locked to EU and same as above units

And below from November with blue display Superstar 3900 Blue

Similar? Same Mike, has Dimmer on it etc etc 

Importer: Radiotronics Limited 

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8 thoughts on “Superstar 3900 EU Part II “Digging Everywhere For The News”

    • Hi Stephen, some tell me radio has a heat sink fitted and others tell me radio is same like on the photos which has no heat sink? Guess indeed same old new nice EU name which is also strange as U.K. To leave EU so maybe soon another new version “3900 No EU”
      Hope your well?


  1. It was only the HP editions of the 3900 with twin finals which got the heatsink. This radio looks the same as before and I bet it has the same frequency stability issue as before. I think I will stick with my Dirland.


  2. If the radio was made after January 2013 and has a CE stamp it’s automatically RoHS compliant.

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS 2)

    The RoHS directive restricts the amounts of certain substances in electronics,
    including lead, cadmium and mercury. Starting in January 2013,
    RoHS is now part of the CE marking directive.
    Therefore, RoHS compliance is mandatory for all CE marked electrical items.
    However, there are few exceptions.

    The models that were on sale before all the hype of the past few weeks are probably legal as well.
    As long as they are EU 40 only and were made after January 2013.


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