Superstar 3900EU “On Test Here Soon”

Comments here and there about the newly named 3900EU and why hasn’t anybody got one? Anyone with a red display version seems to have an EU. So with thanks to Radiozing a shiny export version with no muppet channels is on it’s way across the seas and here soon

There isn’t anything really new and exciting about it but as a blog we do when others sit and talk that’s what makes us different. Also on its way a blue screen frequency counter to sit in the back of it.

All that’s needed now is time and energy. Why did I choose a non UK40 radio? It’s not needed as can use high and super high with KC shift like the old days. No need anything else inside it.

Lincoln II + People damn it but haven’t bought it. To have a radio blog you need to have stuff and not look at a photo and say it’s bad. Watching a video also doesn’t qualify you to have an opinion as you don’t hear it as it’s recorded.

So to have a blog, remember you can use bank transfer, PayPal, euro credit, MasterCard, visa then you can also know how well or how not something sounds or behaves.

Radio delayed at least two days as wasn’t sent as expected

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5 thoughts on “Superstar 3900EU “On Test Here Soon”

  1. but it will be uk40 the old way with the clarifier and 19 will be 33 just the way I like it, It is good that they put the eprom board in if you need it but you can get it with out, its just £30 for them too put it in and at £199 to your door is not bad for a very good radio .best regards Stephen H.


    • Yes Sir. It’s the old way with channel 33 minus 5kc etc as was easiest option. It’s red display and is EU version but in export mode. True it’s a good deal to have it with uk40 but not any interest to test that version as many in the U.K. Can do it. Hope your well and thank you for writing. Simon


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