Superstar 3900 EU “Inside”

So as I’ve been ill I’ve had time to take a look at the 3900 and now with the Galaxy blue counter arrived from USA then it’s more interesting what’s on the inside, the drift, the warm up etc. Below is a photo and some odds and ends of comments.

The board is the EPT360015C from Ranger so nothing interesting there really. Looks like was built in a kindergarten somewhere but on saying that the receive and transmit were and are quite sharp. Power was a tad low so changed to 6w FM and 12w SSB as was 3.4/9w respectively.

KC Shift. Doesn’t drop to zero, it’s a tad away

Need to sort the 10khz jump, not done it yet

Switchable bleep I need to do also

As a radio it suits as noise free currently. The most important as life in bad place is noise. Currently this one doesn’t have any, low signals are heard, and can be copied.

To be continued….

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