President Himalaya WB “Reaches The Sky”

So I’ve made a small video as it’s Christmas and other things happening. The video isn’t great quality as rushed but you can at least see the antenna, it’s got a low space fitting and for me it’s on the fence in the garden on a scaffold pole. So not high, nothing special just installed

Many IMAX owners write about how magnificent there antenna is. Sure this I can understand but look at the length of this antenna compared to the imax and what it can achieve in its 5.2m that’s the thing. This isn’t a greatness contest. It isn’t mine is bigger so better than yours schoolboy day it’s about size verses performance.

As we known Price around €120 and available during January 2017. This was test piece so build etc could change before release (but I doubt it)

So far as conditions have been poor not so many contacts

Netherlands X3

United Kingdom X2

And on UK FM worked Mr Ray 26BB065 in Norwich. Thanks as usual Ray for the chat.

(Video may appear sideways but is in process to be stabilised)

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