Stryker SR-447HPC2 “Has Landed”

So after sometime the radio landed after the bandits at the customs made themselves a New Year fund of import duties and taxes. AM it is so loud it’s hard to describe! It’s now open for action and we will be looking at it during the next weeks into January 2017 but for now a sneak peak of the AM/FM 447HPc2

What can I say that you do not know? Excepts the standard CTCSS board from the range from Anytone so easy to install. Multi colour background lights, Programmable bleeps, a great big analogue meter on a radio that is so small. It’s similar to the AT-6666 in time. 

I know many like the nude photos and below is the nude one so enjoy it. You see the fold over for the CTCSS to be fitted and the other goodies that I guess you need to see to please you.

Hard to get imported I can tell you. Duty was disgusting but if you want to talk about something you need it in your hands, touch, smell, feel, adjust and see exactly what the people see in it. First few minutes it swings to almost 65w on AM and FM for those that are interested is as the Germans say “Dunkel” a little dark but useable, strong and attach a CR-577 and watch the audio fly that’s my opinion.

And for the “Not Got The Muppets Inside” The radio also covers:

EU, UK, PL, DE1 (Mids) DE2 (Low) IN, US, NZ

You can see why all the comments. It’s got that something! Same as the 955HP has now in its new version. It’s something you can’t see, or feel but you know in your ears it’s got that something. Next stop the even smaller SR-94HPC and that’s got almost as much juice under the hood and it’s smaller..

Now the New Year Radio Fun starts

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3 thoughts on “Stryker SR-447HPC2 “Has Landed”

  1. and uk muppets a great radio but clogged up in import taxes its not right and never will be to pay to get into country and then pay more why! its looks a great radio ok fm and am only


    • Wait and See! Maybe and I just mean maybe Konektor5000 in Łodz Poland could have some so can be sent EU to EU before Brexit and could be ok. Duty here wasn’t good but how can you talk about something if you don’t have it?


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