PMR DX Season! Stabo Freecom 200

As it’s mountain time for the users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and for the fact it’ll be also first time in ages I’m out and about on the air then it was a trip to Conrad in Budapest and choose a weapon of choice for the mountains and by keeping it legal I decided on a pair of imported Stabo Freecom 200 radios.

Interests me the L maybe has a H too?

Sure I’ve a yagi antenna and some 40-50w radios but the spirit of the 446Mhz band is 500mw and attached antenna so I’m going to have a go with the above PoMeRanc band radios. I had a choice to get a PMR watch, I’ve already made 150km+ on an Albrecht years back but decided these could do the trick. Not using the nicads but throw some Duracell in them and I guess could get 100km / 60 miles or so from the hills. Time will tell I guess.

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  1. Humm…Why not a Midland G9 or a Intek MT-5050? The price?
    Looks to me you would have a bigger probability of success with one of those.


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