All In One SDR & PC

Have a lot of messages about this so I’ll add it of course and put the eBay link to the original notice. I’ve no ideas at all about it but guess it looks interesting according to all the chatter this has generated via email. If you’ve got one or have used one share your experiences here as that’s the best way to get onwards with equipment.

SDR Transceiver HF-6M TouchScreen 

All In One with Computer 

5W NEW Version 


((( PRE-ORDER ))) 
You pay and I build for you the project !

The process take 30-35 days

– Motherboard HF/6M 

– QRP2000 Oscillator 

– Low Pass Filter 

– Band Pass Filter 

– Rotary Switch 

– Computer Dell Optiplex 760 with: 

   * 2GB RAM

   * 2.4 – 3.0 Ghz Processor

   * 128 GB SSD

   * Sound Card Audigy 2ZS

   * Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

– S Pen to control the TouchScreen

– Wireless Mouse (AS GIFT)

– Ready to work imediatly: HF Bands 160 – 6M 

– RXT: 1.5 Mhz – 54 Mhz 
– SOFTWARES: Works with GSDR, JT65-HF, FLDIGI and others. 
eBay: 132259051679

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One thought on “All In One SDR & PC

  1. It is clear this transceiver is not ready as a complete product.
    The pictures are computerated “made up” drawings.
    I think he is just using a standard analog direct conversion receiver setup and taking the quadrature audio into a sound card and doing it that way.
    It is not a DDC SDR with an A/D converter at the front end.
    There are no signs of any approval CE and/or FCC.
    In description it says Manufactured in India but he claims to build him on order from Dominican Replubic.

    So the idea is nice but the price is too high for a half finished product.

    My 2 cents.



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