Anytone AT-778 U/V “In EU”

Thorsten always has a first in the radio arena. He's the guy with the "bomber" microphones and below he's I think the first person in EU (I know of) whose got one of the UHF/VHF radios that share a case of the Apollo II. I'm sure he'll tell us how it works and great to see the radio making its way in Europe.

Big congratulations to him! It's a nice looking radio indeed. My prototype which was one of a handful made still works super well.

And the Programming Software:

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3 thoughts on “Anytone AT-778 U/V “In EU”

  1. Hi at all. I have this mobile radio too. It´s very nice and i can confirm that the modulation is very clear and loud. The NF from the speaker is clear and loud too.

    Nice to know about this radio is

    – for German users : to programm the radio with the software you have to setup your decimal sign´s in windows to the english system. point ( . ) for decimal and comma ( , ) for the thousend seperator . otherwise the software show the failure ” out of frequency range ”

    – look to the display …… the buttons for the functions have no timout … and the setup stay on the last function… the knob for frequency or chanel have no function then and switched only the selected function options. please press ptt or func to get back to main frequency select knob funktion. you can see this in your display . when the voltage is shown in the display you can change the frequency or the channel with the knob

    – noise in the micro speaker: is the option main speaker and mic speaker selected, the mic speaker have i little ticker noiser


  2. (Edited Link, software is in article)

    Hello friends, the device is really very good, the modulation is crystal clear, even with the original Mike wonderful, the operation is with the software very simple and well understandable, the device is processed clean and very high quality. I bought the unit directly from China, unfortunately, there was a little trouble with the customs, the next unit I ordered in the UK, I think it is the EU, it will be easier to get it


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