Top Gun “Predator” Coming Soon..

I’ve been asked to comment on a recent photo sent to me from Ray from Boston MA. I’ve not seen this radio in black colour but appears to me to be an Anytone Ares. My guess is that at the moment based upon what I can see in the photo. I’ve got one of the first made Ares and it’s a great solid AM/FM radio with programming from the front just to the left of the channel digits.

Above is the Ares so you can see my reason to believe it’s an Ares. Me I’d add SSB and sell it as a good old fashioned style radio.

Estimated Power:

AM : Could Be Around 10 watts
FM : Could Be Around 20-30 watts

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3 thoughts on “Top Gun “Predator” Coming Soon..

  1. Why does it need SSB? Folk out there just look for affordable radio with out the need for SSB. That was gonna be my 1st comment. NEEDS SSB…..someone beat me to it. There is a market out there and its not just UK!


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