Sorry It Expired! V3 Limp Home Mode

Thanks for the messages and I’m sorry for not making some of the on air events at the start of this month. I was away in the Czech Republic and my radio expired. It worked on AM/FM but something happened and it expired in SSB mode. It sounds bad, off frequency for transmit and the same for the receive. The volume can be raised to the highest level and sound is low. This happened just before a weekend so was not possible to get anything resolved.

And by the time I managed to buy a new radio it was almost time to head home again so all the action was missed. And was a unexpected outlay for the radio so that put black mark also on the trip.

So I’ll again head back and make a weekend activation so can try and re-dress those who were upset I wasn’t on air.

Before I’m trolled, the radio was a Lincoln II v3 and the replacement bought was a Grant II Premium which by the time I’d tried it in legal format, modified it etc the time was lost. I managed one QSO on UKFM in legal format and this was with Mike Condorman who was near Norwich. The antenna was a Sirio 5000

Next time with me will be the SR-A10 base loaded, Sirio 5000 and Texas 1800 Power many will be the antennas of choice. Not sure about radios at the moment as the V3 remains out of commission. Need try find someone to look at it. I’ve tried it at home and still makes a sound like Kermit the frog on SSB.

Video was made at the time and thanks to Rob Parsons whose shared privately what he believes could be wrong. Thank you Andrea President CZ who quickly after one call supplied me with the Grant II Premium.

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