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So a photo of another JFK II A+ sitting in the EU. I’ve asked the lucky owner if they can let me know what they find out with the radio in the coming days and weeks. Seems the long boat to the USA got lost in Europe by the amount of them popping up. Maybe we see USA McKinleys doing the same in the next few weeks who knows.

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One thought on “Another In EU

  1. General Observations

    Now,I got to say that chassis is built well from a radio engineers stand point,double skin metal frame work,nice shielded Low Pass Filter,Looks like transformer modulated old school method poss,hmm should sound nice?

    Nice,like the extra internal heat sinking on left-hand side of pic very chunky,hope its die-cast?
    plus the side shielding around Audio section,well done that’s very good engineering practice.

    Screws all lacquered,good attention to detail thumbs up there.

    Seem they have used variable HI-Q inductor’s (that’s good) ,rather than broad banded fixed inductor’s (not so good) low Q factor.

    Usual 455khz and 10.695 Mhz crystal filter (would have liked a 6 pole type in there for some serious blocking & skirt noise reduction)but yep that’s pretty good

    Someone has taken great care designing this radio,this is the standard I would like to see more off def,very rugged and approaching commercial grade quality and built to last.

    DC suppression chokes in both pos & neg lines,plus a heavy duty transformer DC choke,well done.

    Quality SO-239 connector,not cheap nasty one.

    Nice quality FR-4 quality PCB and logical layout,not cheap flimsy rubbish ive seen in some CB radios makes me cringe.

    Also very little wiring,when these are in trucks or any vibration vehicle,wiring looms and what they are attached to can add strains and possible breakages or intermittent fails,thumbs up again.

    Someone or the team of engineers involved have def done their homework on this radio,and that’s rare,esp CB radio market.
    Def a thumbs up here on mechanical engineering,looks good so far Simon.

    IF this is the standard of new radio kit from President USA, Im def liking what im seeing so far from a engineering stand point view and Im real fussy to detail and dont generally like what I see as far as quality on some radios,often let down mechanically.

    Now let’s get one on bench and test it,see how it performs,fingers crossed im routing on this one.

    Rob 73’s


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