President Ronald 10/12M Ask Directly Please…

Thanks for the email guys about this radio and if you don’t mind I’ll answer again as one for all as individually it’s too long. You can of course contact President directly as they’ve all the answers and I’ve got the “guess so” answers which I’ll address below. I’ll also add direct addresses as they’ve really the answers.

Availability: No Ideas

Price: No Ideas

CTCSS/DCS: Not On the radio

Markets: GUESS USA and EU

Maker: GUESS President China / As Display looks like Lincoln II +

PC Programmable: Readers tell me YES, I think NO

Target Market: My Guess is USA. Big wattage, small footprint, Strong AM audio

Echo: Yes

Roger Bleep: Photo Shows YES, guess like Lincoln II + and not the Uniden sound

Mike: 6 Pin / Not 4 Pin as readers tell me

Mike Adapter: My Guess not in box, buy Standard Uniden 980 to 4 Pin crossover

More Information USA

More Information Europe:

And remember be polite when emailing…

I’ve no news more. I’ve heard nothing for many weeks now. Expect the radio when you see it and I’m sure it’ll arrive, maybe end of year but I tell you honestly you’ve seen it here first YES but that doesn’t mean I know more. I don’t.

Above. There is indeed a President China, it’s a radio facility near Uniden in Shenzhen. Check maps etc it is easy to find.

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15 thoughts on “President Ronald 10/12M Ask Directly Please…

    • Not at all. That’s why CRT, Stryker, RM, Sirio, Avanti, Sigma, PMR, Baofeng, 409Shop, Qixiang, Nevada, Maas-Elektronik, The Shack, Neuner Funk, Moonraker, Emag, Dazz, Hoffer, Motorola, Konektor5000, Ranger, Snake Radio Customs, Lester’s Custom Truckshop, Stabo, Delta Slim, Albrecht, DND, Fat Boy, Maxlog, Palomar, Wouxun, Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood and all others.

      BUT last 7 days 21 emails asking almost same question I answer in 1 message what I was asked. I’m not interested to answer 21 emails individually.. I wait and if multiple messages come all answered at the same time.


    • Don’t understand your words.. Upset? Email President and ask them all the stuff. You said no President China, there is. Then you say only Qixiang, when truth is engineers sit France, Germany, Romania, Poland, Russia and other places.. As I can’t explain more I waste no more time. I wait to see your review of the radio and will add it on the blog when I see it.


  1. Google is everyone’s friend, I understand your frustration with the questions that if the person had taken 10 seconds to type it into GOOGLE, would have probably received the answers.


  2. President doesn’t produce anything. Maker – NOUN

    1usually in combination A person or thing that makes or produces something.


    • Aha, can’t be wrong. Without EU engineers based across the President Group Nothing would be Made. That being said, they are a “maker” as without no engineers in Europe nothing can be made. A simple “reseller” doesn’t need engineers as it will be sold as delivered. A maker is involved from thought till production whether it be by Uniden, Ranger, QX, SR Corp they make what has been asked of them. It’s not all one or another.

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