“Coming Soon” Midland MXT-275

Midland USA has announced that this $150 15 watt UHF radio will be coming soon to the marketplace. In Europe we get a same looking radio for 27Mhz called the M-5. Below we’ve the details and the photos. This radio features the high power channels of GMRS which are 1-7 and 15-22 plus 8 repeater channels. Below are the details.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y9ng9s99

And below its European cousin for 27Mhz. As we see from communications yesterday this radio below will sell so many pieces that it’s going to be amazing, it’ll be like the M-Mini. My thoughts they need to try to MMGA (Make Midland Great Again)

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  1. we tried the 100m and the 150m Simon and were not happy had to take them back and money back audio was awful and lots more little things lets hope this new one in 27mfz is a good one as might try one


  2. make midland great again yes midland were very good radios but on the 27mhz they went down hill fast and the 27mhz stuff there selling or not selling is awful we tried a few and were very disappointed, but I like the look of this on 27mhz and I hope it does well but if its half as good as my crt mike it will be a good on but that’s the big but wait and see….


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