President Bill & Ronald 12/10m

Thanks to multiple readers whose wrote to me about the above two radios and the search facility on the blog has had into the three figures of hits about these two radios. Below like always I’ll tell you my thoughts and I’ll try tag line stuff so you can see in the future about it. Hope it’ll help you in some small way.

President Bill

This radio isn’t in production. President say it on the website so currently no dealers have it sat on shelves. As the photos appear CGI I guess it’s not seen in President either. Guesswork will say yes the radio is 400 channel and 0/5 Test Mode. But it’s not made. Pricing again it’s guesswork as not manufactured. So I’ll say €89~€109 as it’s President it won’t be as cheap as others in the mini range. Hardest job is March made could mean April for sale #longwait

President Ronald

You guessed I’m not happy over the name. I don’t believe AM/FM only radios need 12 metres. I am transparent and told this all along. I’m not pleased when I program 27.6012 it goes to channel 16 Band D. But it’s like an old export mode radio. But the audio is brilliant. I like the sound from it. If was me I’d have made it 40w PEP AM and 30w FM. The @ channels are strange with SPAN ON but I’m fussy.. Others will never notice it. Use the ELec and dYNa setting and you’ll notice really a difference on your transmitted audio.

Modifications Ronald

We’ve got on the blog the extension modification and as I’ve repeated the radio gets hot. I know of solely 1 person whose fitted a Palomar Max Mod in Texas and he’s told he how delighted he is with it now. Otherwise I don’t have the service manual, I don’t have the schematic diagram and I don’t think I’ll get either..

No Adjustment Boards

Yep it’s going to happen more in the future. A few companies discuss it, and a few will add this to stop people tinkering around.

Is the Bill better than my AE-6110 which is cheaper in TX / RX

Really? It doesn’t exist how the hell can anyone answer that. Buy one when available and try it. Tell us the answers.

Currently on Desk. You asked me.

You asked so be prepared to be shocked. AM/FM at home I’m using the old Release President Barry AM/FM not the seven colour which is in the cupboard. Antenna is a Himalaya WB. For SSB a CRT-9900 v3. That’s it. Microphone on Barry Konektor5000 tuned EC-2002 and Astatic Teardrop On 9900. All other stuff is away. Absolutely not much time for “real radio” as I’m busy with mails about radios, Skype about radios, tests of radios and stuff in between about radios too. I was once told by someone famous in radio when the blog gets busier you’ll see that time is short for using radio. He was right.

Has President Changed?

I have been asked now many times in last two years and most recently from Poland and Germany “Do you think President has changed” The answer is I believe yes in many ways, outlooks and direction. Management and owners looking to future, being proud of the past and history. Is it 1 thing? No it’s multi faceted in my opinion and not pinned on one or two things.

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  1. Yes President has changed. The company who copy President before is now the original President manufacturer. Silly! China is a great country!


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