Midland M-30 Updates

More news slowly comes about the new M-30 from Midland. I admit some of it was expected but it’s nice to read it and be sure that the rumours are true and not just guessed from a few people. Below is the latest news as of today’s date. Guess not long to go before the real radio will pop up.

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4 thoughts on “Midland M-30 Updates

  1. Yes, also think I´d like a mini ssb Radio. Why not with an otional battery pack… Or a high quality metal ssb handheld with a TELESCOPIC antenna. And please: any ssb transceiver should have a frequency stabiltiy much better than 100 hz (not like most ssb trx which start cold +400 hz and when heat up end -200 hz. I´d love to buy one, but no plastic toy please.


  2. Seem’s like this version is appealing the “Land Mobile Radio”commercial looks and connections of microphone,wonder what voice enhanced is? Transmit compression\companding or improved limiting?

    Rob 73’s


  3. What we really need is a radio of that size with SSB. Forget the fancy screens, pointless USB inputs and give us back a proper metal mic socket too. Then I might buy one.


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