In a snub to all manufacturers and petitioners the FCC has declined to implement FM (Frequency Modulation) on the CB radio band in the United States. This will come as a massive shock as the initial thoughts it was a logical idea. Whether grounds for appeal will be accepted I can’t comment.

A lot of things can be said about this and sure they will be. If you want to read about all the changes then click on the link: https://tinyurl.com/y7cdhaz2

Thanks Dennis, Rue and Paul for the news overnight. This document is 1 year old so not sure if they are re-addressing it. I’ve asked the three guys above for more information concerning it.

Let’s now see what next steps if any will be made.

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4 thoughts on “*NEWS* Maybe No USA FM CB

  1. But isn´t that FCC dokument dated 29 August 2017?

    The newer developments discussed earlier on this site are from 2018.


  2. Very disappointing news from FCC and for manufacturers,I personally think this was the wrong judgement made and a missed opportunity to helping the CB radio market in USA and others.I really do hope this can be appealed in some way.
    It could of opened up a new FM market in USA and bring some new to users.



    • I’ve asked and it’s “done, over” so that’s that. Seems issues are surrounding FM on same band as AM. And we know well Rob it would cause hell if super bowl or rose bowl channels were disturbed by FM


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