*NEW* Lothar’s Bill Update

We are back to Germany again with Lothar and an interesting update he’s found concerning FM audio on the President Bill ASC. Before you message me about this I’m not sure if it still will fall into conformity after this. I’m not saying you should all experiment as I think it’s impossible for mortals to attempt this. BUT I among others would like more FM audio as mine are rather low.

I believe the modification will become available but you’ll need good skills to perform it. When it will be available unfortunately I’ve no current information available.

The video of the sound difference is below:


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7 thoughts on “*NEW* Lothar’s Bill Update

  1. We are of the same opinion Bob. Overpowered audio as shown later on in the video was not what we want. Therefore i restored the limiter to its original condition. I can only recommend the modification at the fm modulator for a little more fm deviation. The modification at the fm modulator can of course be set lower, depending on your personal preferences. All my colleagues agreed with the fm modulation so far. Measurement shows deviation of about 2kHz now.


    • I’m not sure if that is the mentioned PDF the audio at the FM modulator? Personally I like the audio at the start of the video with the standard microphone and modified


    • where was the mod placed inside??
      after U2 chip fed to VCO block?
      i maybe ale to help you,Rob

      RP Comms


  2. audio sounds much cleaner without mod. Nothing more unpleaseant than getting your ears blasted by an overpowered audio on FM.


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