*€199* President Walker II

Another king of radio has entered the market on the Walker II and this time solely for the German market is Neunerfunk with his price of €199 for the President Walker II ASC. So the links below for those in Germany that are interested in this radio. The radio will be available with Markus from 06/02/2019 so in week 6

Link: https://preview.tinyurl.com/y7p9ogax

When i take time off from the blog and sit with a cold Magners everything kicks off in radio land.

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4 thoughts on “*€199* President Walker II

  1. I have read somewhere on the net that there will be software to reprogram this radio.

    but I can see that causing president all sorts of possible returns…remember the Lincoln 2 V1?.

    As it goes…I have actually been running the walker as stated below and its only a couple of stations have commented its a tad quiet.My deviation meter is reading 2.6khz…

    But…on the whole its a nice little radio.Pleasing to the eye and user friendly.It maybe transformed using an amplified dyna mic…and with a small amp,I am sure many buyers will be pleased.

    Ordered the Richard today to compare!..mainly for the audio aspect of things..not its RF output.


    • I’ve heard Lester say this from the Truck Shop but nothing official, nowhere on the board to add a plug and no socket on the back like on Lincoln II so can’t see it happening (but I’ll try and find out)

      2.6 kHz isn’t quiet in my opinion plus thought it needed to be under 1.8 kHz or around there in legal set up? But not sure..

      I’ve ordered a Richard too but no ideas when it’ll land, if you make any videos let me know and I’ll add them to the blog.


  2. Hi Simon,

    Mr Walker arrived this morning.Very prompt delivery from Ronald.

    First impression is good.Does everything it says in the book.Would prefer gloss finish to facia though,same as the Jackson 2..but that’s a personal thought and preference.

    However,currently in std mode things are a little disappointing….RF power on EU/UK reads on my meter @ 2.97w on full RF output into a dummy load and 2.8w through my Sirio 2012 antenna.Audio on FM is quiet so as there is no adjustments (haven’t looked inside yet)I may try an Astatic mic on it and see how it goes from there. AM sounds great though.

    Going to leave it standard for the next few days and run it through my amp.Try another mic and see how he goes.

    After that assessment…i’ll do the mod and then take it from there.

    Build quality is good,but you can tell where it has come from!.I still think though for its price etc its a great little radio and I feel that President ‘may’ do some revisions on feedback in the coming months.I maybe wrong?.

    Thanks to Ronald for a rapid delivery to the UK!.Highly recommend as always.

    interested to view your reply and I will update when Mod is done and done some more checks.

    Best regards as always, 73’s

    Dean 26DT1207


    • Doesn’t sound very encouraging.

      The Grant 2 had similar issues but with internal adjustments it was easy to raise the output power and FM audio, something we can’t do with this new range of radios.

      I assume that the various radio settings are done via software in the factory prior to shipping? After all, there must be a way of setting the radio up.

      Maybe President could provide a way of making adjustments, otherwise the only way of sorting any problems out would be to return the radio to President.


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