President Richard & PC Programming

There’s been some talk of PC Programming for the Richard after it was featured in a video from Lester’s Custom Truck Shop. I guess this was based upon the USB socket on the front of the radio. This is actually for charging a phone, or pad. It’s an accessory port and not for programming as no software is planned or will be released for the Richard as I understand in the last few days.

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4 thoughts on “President Richard & PC Programming

  1. D+/- are not connected and it’s a type A host connector, which means dodgy cabling to start with.
    The MCU they used doesn’t have a USB device or host peripheral so zero chance you will get USB for that radio via the front panel. They simply didn’t design it in.


  2. I am sure that there are more possibilities via the USB port than just loading a smartphone, but it will take some time until the software will leak through to us.
    Regards Armin Heidelberg/Germany


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