*German Video* Team FX-CB

First up from Todde comes a look at the recently released Team FX-CB. He’s asked me a lot today about modifications to the radio! It’s brand new so why not loose all warranty on it? On the blog tomorrow modifications that could work, maybe work, maybe not work as not tested on this radio. So maybe it’s more broken after the modifications who knows? I know a lot about this radio having spent many hours on WhatsApp about it (NOT Team version) Enjoy Todde Video and tomorrow some modifications.

Link to the video:

Todde bought his radio here: https://tinyurl.com/y5b5oukq

You can’t fight STUPID! UK CB can be EU band with AM not CE FM only. I despair, but can’t fight a battle with people that are not users.

EU Band 1 watt AM when legal is 4 watts??

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4 thoughts on “*German Video* Team FX-CB

  1. Sorry for the errors in the manual and on the product information of the TEAM FX-CBmobile, mea culpa.

    1. The frequency norm UK has, in addition to the 40 UK fm-channels, 40 CEPT channels AM and FM.
    2. All frequency bands have a tx-power of 4 W.

    The information has already been corrected on our website at

    Starting now, all radio manuals will contain a short note with the corrected information.


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