Metal President Himalaya €257 😳

I checked it’s not April 1st but maybe in some areas it appears that “Bullshit Season” again reigns supreme. As the whole world knows a President Himalaya was basically an Antron’esque style antenna not a cheap metal antenna? The antenna is advertised below for 87,090 HUF or €257 and includes shipping free 😆 AND he’s discounted it from 91,690 HUF or €272. I’ve seen a few recently but this was the cream of the crop. And in Hungarian the Gyarto or Producer is labelled as President, The company selling this sold me a Sirio antenna, they sent it flat packed, whip bent into a circle and it was junk, rubbish before it was ever used! I’ll add some more here soon. This guy is a FUNNY person indeed.

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