Online Pilgrimage Knights Electrocom

To use a well used phrase from CB Radio’s sole celebrity Colin the head! I’ve taken an online pilgrimage to Knights Electrocom for some antennas. And I’ll say here Doug has been brilliant. Incredibly well packaged boxes, a new whip for an antenna nobody had a spare part for and also the antenna below.

The Chinese manufactured K40 CB Max antenna with its open coil and I’ll say quite heavy weight.

Quarantine: Due to the COVID19 situation Hungary is pretty much a stay at home place now. Couriers are still working at the moment so some odds and ends are arriving here. During the fullness of time I’ve K40 x2 antennas will appear here, Lemm and some radios from Stabo, President and others. It’s just a matter of time, energy and being able to drive somewhere away from QRM heaven for a play around on air.

Check Doug out at:

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