Hmm Blow CB Antenna

Interesting antenna arrived via DPD from Poland. Comes with 4m of coax and a 100cm whip. It looks very much like a Little Wil but this one is named a BlowCB. According to the seller it can handle 400 watts and SWR will be fine between 26.3-28.0 with of course cutting the whip. More information when the quarantine has ended. Antennas are sprouting like mushrooms here so really hoping to be able to get out and about sooner rather than later.

But antenna that arrived was 100% different than photo and information that was stated. The photo showed a detachable magnetic base, water cap for the antenna when top was off. As you see this isn’t at all the same. The seller in Poland isn’t interested as thinks it is the same. Obviously blind, or stupid. Maybe both!

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