Antenna Monday “Opek HCS-100”

The antenna arrived with Fedex last Friday. Box was a little beat up, the top was opened on the box so missing a few bolts from the bracket and the Allen key. So not the greatest start but the antenna was fine inside so all would be well and ready for action.

Update Below for Opek Users:

I’ve been told this antenna and I quote “Only gets good reports” so AGAIN here as well as other places I’ll ask please send me videos and I’m delighted to add them here! If it’s good let’s all see it! It’s important to show stuff in both lights, good or bad. Kindly use the contact form with video link and I’ll add videos ASAP.

Read the manual, well both sides of A4. Knew about issues Thorsten had in Germany so joined it all up (conductivity from middle to base is via head of a Philips screw!) Antenna in the air and was impressed as well as all the noise all the signals had gone too. Channel 1 SWR 10:1 and same Channel 40.

Took the antenna down, check connections, checked inside metal, tightened a tight screw and in the air again. Net result the same! This lasted 1/2 way into weekend. Changed mast, coax, fitted the wire in more for 10m operation and nothing at all. The antenna was devoid of life. Deader than a dead thing that died!

Finally last chance saloon a priest visited and tried to get the antenna to loose its SWR demons and I got an SWR of 3:1 on 26200 and it was lowest anywhere. But lasted around 20 channels then went up again.

Jack Daniels, Priest, Coax nothing could bring this antenna from its slumbers. I contacted Autotek the company in Taiwan for advice and they sent me the same manual via PDF so that helped me out.

Above is a shot that shows the Philips head screw that the centre of the base touches internally to allow conductivity from the base to the middle section.

This has been wrote 7/9/2020 after email to the store where it has been sold. Cost of antenna £99.95 and £33 shipping. Arrives stuff missing and box top 1/4 refitted (not sellers fault) Lets see what happens between now and publishing this story on 14/9/2020.

Refunded 7/9/20

Below is the video from Thorsten on his antenna exploits

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