•News• Proton 99 “Landed”

So 48 hours from sending till delivery via GLS and the newly imported Procomm PT-99 Proton has landed. First impression is that the box is so much smaller and narrower than the Antron99 so makes shipping easier I guess for wholesalers.

As many of you know I’m running the Himalaya WB from the very early days until now and it’s provided way over 100 countries and before that was running the old Himalaya (worked Alaska) and before that the Antron99 which worked well for me also.

Tomorrow I’m going to install this antenna so take a listen over the weekend and we will see how it is going. I’m truly interested if it can cover what I need the most and that’s top end 25 till below 28. And how much tuning will be needed and IF it can manage it.

Two Days Later

Fitted it in an ad-hoc way as mounting is much smaller. Ordered a Sirio FT2 (Photo Neunerfunk) from Knights. That way makes life easier as fits my original pole perfectly.


Perfect across 26965-27405 and same goes for UK40 also. Nice and low, below 1.5 so perfect enough. For me I needed tune the rings three turns lower and was fine from top end 25Mhz until 27.800 then went out of whack. So for my friends in Echo Echo and others who sit down on 26 MHz it’s indeed fine and dandy. Three turns and it’s around 1:6 on 26400 and up to 1:8 on 25900. More will be done when finally mounted. Running 58X currently but will be replaced with 213 at a later time.

First Impressions

Build is better than with A99 in my opinion but it’s personal only. Bandwidth I’d say same as Antron99 but better than original Himalaya 5R which struggled across 2 MHz. Signals appeared same as with WB Himalaya, locals at same amount as before with no change. But it was almost ground level as needed adapter which is now on order and ONLY then will it be used in ultra anger. In meantime if like me you use steel water pipe you’ll need the adapter from Sirio or they’ll be a lot of “f’ing and jeffing used” like they say on this country..

More to come…….

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4 thoughts on “•News• Proton 99 “Landed”

    • Better made than A99
      Better coverage with rings

      BUT Himalaya WB covers 22~30 MHz with no tuning rings..

      But a very good antenna and now my FT-3 adapter came can make some new and interesting comparisons


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